Nature, Design, Emotion…

Imagine being in a pool with a beach, shore and underwater sitting areas, whilst being massaged and refreshed by an outpouring of air bubbles rising from the pool bed. Imagine a swimming pool perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape. A natural pool, with crystal clear water, that enhances your garden in all seasons.


The heart of the innovative Biodesign technology is its internationally patented building process. Biodesign technology is an example of excellence in Italian-made products on the world market. The building procedure behind Biodesign pools involves 7 steps:



Years of experience in designing and building lakes have allowed us to conceive an innovative pool technology. Biodesign technology replaces the particularly heavy and invasive structures of reinforced concrete with a structure composed of natural granulated stone combined with high performance, technologically advanced resins and other materials for structural strength. Thanks to its non-invasive characteristics, Biodesign pools contribute to the safeguarding of our precious environment.


Why Biodesign

Alessandro Milani, Managing director of Biodesign and owner of the Biodesign patents, begins by stating, “There are several characteristics that make Biodesign pools innovative, starting with the fact that they are non invasive. This allows them to blend into a garden setting harmoniously and without using a single gram of reinforced (more…)